De Molenberg distillery – Anniversary Edition tasting set 3rd edition

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The ‘Anniversary Editions’ (Rabelo, Bajan and Folle Blanche) have now been included in an limited three-bottle box (3 x 20cl).

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On 23 November we are celebrating the anniversary of the Molenberg Distillery with an Anniversary Edition whisky. This box compiles three of these editions:

  • Rabelo (2020): The initial maturing of 36 months in Bourbon casks is followed by a 28-month finish in white port casks. The underlying notes of vanilla, oak and caramel are delightfully supplemented by fruity, slightly spicy flavours and enhanced by a mellow, lingering sweetness.
  • Bajan (2021): Two different types of rum casks selected on the basis of their pronounced taste profile were used for this edition. Ageing for over five years in the oldest casks yields full-bodied, mellow hints of raisins and honey while the younger rum casks from Barbados add a refreshing blend of aromatic notes. Combining the two results in a finely balanced whisky with a pronounced smooth taste and a surprising touch of the tropics at the finish.
  • Folle Blanche (2022): This whisky was first aged in Bourbon and Het Anker casks, followed by three years in cognac casks. These release full-bodied hints of wood and vanilla during the ageing process. The nose reveals surprising floral and fruity notes, rounded off with a subtle finish of honey and leather.

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46% vol.

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