Did your order get damaged? We regret that and we want to resolve it as soon as possible. You can report your damaged order up to 7 days after you received it. Follow the steps below to report the damage and request a new product:

  1. Send an email to webshop@hetanker.be with the message that your product is damaged. Please include your order number or add your pro forma invoice to speed up the follow-up process.
  2. Add photos of the inside of the original packaging that clearly shows how the product was packaged.
  3. Add photos from the outside of the packaging showing the damage to the packaging.
  4. Also send us a photo on which the label on the packaging is easily readable.
  5. Briefly describe the damage to the article.

The Customer can also contact the Consumer Mediation Service.
This autonomous public service functions as a single point of contact for disputes between consumers and companies: https://consumerombudsman.be/en

In the event of disputes of a cross-border nature, the Customer can also appeal to the Online Dispute Resolution platform of the European Union : http://ec.europa.eu/odr